What are the Advantages of Hydrafacial Treatment?

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Facial Fillers | JSJ Aesthetics | Salem, NH and Methuen, MA
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What are the Advantages of Hydrafacial Treatment?

Hydrafacial are one of the best cosmetic procedures that everyone can get as a form of maintenance for gorgeous-looking skin. Everyone enjoys the benefits of facials, even men and older people. Many cosmetic experts have facials as common recommendations for people who want to achieve a youthful glow on their skin.

With so many facials nowadays, it can be unclear, especially for newbies in skincare. That’s understandable because facials aim at different skin impurities and imperfections, with all facials aiming to achieve a youthful glow on your skin. One of those is hydrafacial treatment.

Let this article tell you everything you need to know about hydrafacials, the benefits and advantages you can get, and whether it is the right treatment for you or not.

Hydrafacials in a Nutshell

Hydrafacials are one of the latest facials that use hydraulics or hydra technology for their function. This hydrafacial treatment session gives you the benefits of both cleansing and hydra-lifting to help minimize your skin’s pores, reduce fine lines, combat under-eye bags, remove acne scars, shrink large pores, even your skin tone, and provide deep hydration that makes your skin glowy.

Depending on the hydrafacial machine used, hydrafacials can be performed in various ways. Dermatologists can do it manually without hydra equipment to help cleanse the pores. They can also do it hydra-style with hydrafacial machines for better results. Many dermatologists still prefer using the manual method, but a rising number of experts use hydrafacial machines for their clients.

How Hydrafacials Work

First, your dermatologist will cleanse your skin with specific hydrafacial cleansers that will remove excess dirt and oil from your pores. After cleansing, hydrafacial machines are then used to provide the hydraulics for hydrafacials.

Hydraulic technology works by applying a special pressure therapy on your skin surface. This hydra-pumping action helps encourage better penetration of the hydrafacial products on your skin. Hydra-lifting also stimulates collagen production to make your skin appear tighter, lifted, and rejuvenated.

Depending on hydrafacial machines used, there might be a combination of vacuum suction with either high-frequency electrical currents or oxygen infused into it for extra benefits and maximum hydration production in the treated area.

The treatment usually lasts for an hour to an hour and thirty minutes, depending on your skin condition. You need to have follow-up sessions to check how effective hydrafacials are for you. You don’t need to worry about the costs, though, because hydrafacials are usually affordable.

Benefits of Getting Hydrafacials

There are a lot of benefits in getting hydrafacials for the customers. Some hydrafacial benefits include helping increase blood circulation for healthier-looking skin.

Because hydrafacials stimulate collagen production, hydrafacial is also effective in minimizing the visibility of acne scars and fine lines. Hydrafacials are also safe to be used on sensitive skin types because hydra facial equipment doesn’t involve heat or an electric current on your skin.

The results from hydrafacials usually last for 6 to 12 months, with touch-up sessions required. In addition, hydrafacials don’t require any downtime at all. After treatment, you can go back to work without worrying about irritation or redness that commonly happens with other cosmetic procedures like laser treatments.

Questionable Advantages of Getting Hydrafacials

While there are numerous benefits of hydrafacials, there are also some disadvantages that you need to be aware of before getting a hydra facial treatment. Some of the possible disadvantages include the following:

  • If your hydraulic machines can’t provide enough pressure to remove deeper impurities and lift your skin, hydrafacial might only make small improvements on your skin. Hydra-lifting or hydra-pumping helps remove dirt from your pores and stimulate collagen production. Still, if the machine’s pump is not strong enough to penetrate deep into your pores, small imperfections might remain even after treatment.
  • Skin irritation – Hydrafacial is safe for most people with sensitive skin types; however, high-frequency electrical currents used by some equipment during treatment might cause temporary erythema (skin redness).
  • Hydrafacial machines with higher cleansing pressure might leave temporary erythema (skin redness) on the treated skin. As mentioned earlier, it’s best to consult your dermatologist or cosmetic doctor about the hydrafacial machine that they will use for your treatment before booking an appointment.
  • Whether you’re getting a manual hydrafacial treatment or hydra facial equipment is used instead, make sure that you ask your derm if there are any special pre-and-post-hydrafacial care instructions for maximum results.
  • For many people with acne scars and fine lines, it takes time to see changes in their skin from getting hydrafacials regularly. So bear in mind that while these benefits of getting a hydra facial treatment are true, results might not be immediate.
  • In addition, hydrafacial might not be a permanent solution to acne scars and fine lines. At best JSJ Aesthetics, it is a temporary fix for fading skin imperfections, but you will have to make monthly appointments with your derm to maintain the results of your treatments.

What Hydrafacials Can Do For You

Hydra facials have many benefits for people who want healthier-looking skin without the downtime from other cosmetic procedures like laser treatments. Suppose you’re looking for an effective way to remove acne scars and fine lines, improve your skin’s texture with hydration, boost blood circulation in your face, and minimize pores for clearer skin. In that case, getting hydrafacial is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. 

You have to find a trusted dermatologist with high success rates for this procedure, so you won’t have any problems after trying it out.

Possible Risks and Side Effects

As with other facial treatments, hydrafacials might not be for everyone at first. There might be possible side effects that you have to worry about when getting hydrafacials, so here are some possible risks involved when it comes to having this procedure done.

For one, some might experience skin irritation when receiving high-frequency electrical currents, leading to temporary erythema (skin redness). In some cases, treatment can be painful, and you might need numbing cream if your derm decides that a local anesthetic is necessary.

But more importantly, this non-invasive procedure can cause some side effects depending on each patient’s skin type and condition. Hydrafacial treatments have been known to have increased the production of oil from the sebaceous glands due to excessive exfoliation of the top layer of one’s facial skin. In addition, hydrafacials might cause the breakout of cysts or pus-filled pimples if done on people with acne-prone skin types.

The experts at JSJ Aesthetics are more than happy to answer your questions about hydrafacials. It would be best to remember that hydrafacials are very safe to get since the side effects usually disappear after a few days. You must still consult a doctor if you are uncertain about what it can bring to your face.

Final Thoughts

Hydrafacials are very effective in addressing various skincare concerns, from clogged pores to skin rejuvenation. It has been proven by many dermatologists and skincare experts from the get-go since it has more benefits than downsides, and many people are vouching for the results that they get from having regular and consistent hydrafacial sessions with their trusted dermatologists.

You can benefit more from the great results of hydrafacials if you are getting it from a licensed and registered clinic. JSJ Aesthetics will surely get you covered. With their team of trained and certified aestheticians and dermatologists, they can give you the best hydrafacials that you truly deserve. Apart from that, you can also take advantage of their different offerings not only in your face but also in other parts of your body. Be confidently beautiful with JSJ Aesthetics.

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