Scalp and Hair Loss Rejuvenation Salem, NH

Hair Regrowth Classic Treatment

We use PRP, or platelet rich plasma (Your own bodies-naturally yielded growth factors) and inject into the scalp to stimulate hair follicle growth.

Hair Regrowth Deluxe Treatment

We add our PRP treatment with our Sylfirm RF, radio frequency/micro needling to stimulate an increase circulation to your scalp, stimulating hair growth.

All scalp treatments need a consult for candidacy. Series of three required for best results.

Both packages include a three month supply of Nutrafol vitamins. Possibly one of the most important steps in your hair rejuvenation journey is daily supplement, not only containing crucial vitamins in minerals, but other herbs and peptides that are part of their Synergen complex to target the source of your hair loss and target the cause. Hair loss can often be hormonal, Nutrafol contains saw palmetto, which promotes hair growth by helping reduce DHT, a hormone, that shrinks hair follicles and leads to progressive hair thinning. Nutrafol also contains Ashawaganda and adaptogen that helps balance stress, hormones to support a healthy hair growth, cycle as well as aid, and overall stress with benefits to better sleep patterns as well.

Our clients results after six months. Client did PRP and Sylfirm series with Nutrafol every day. Consistency is key.

Before and After

Scalp Management

Classic Scalp Management

Our service begins with a microscope analysis to examine the follicles to identify any issues and address individual concerns.
Scalp service includes deep cleansing with the Hydrafacial Keravive which is tailored for various scalp conditions such as dryness, oiliness, sensitivity, dandruff, and inflammation. Following the treatment, a steaming sesson with a scalp massage, a cleansing wash and a detox mask using Nutrafol products is applied to promote healthy and resilient hair. Please note that our service does not include hair drying or styling. If you prefer, you are welcome to bring a hat. Ending the treatment, you will receive a peptide take home spray to maintain your results.

Deluxe Scalp Management

Service includes the Classic Scalp Management treatment, with including a 3 month supply of Nutrafol hair supplements to maintain and promote a healthy microbiome for stronger fuller looking hair.


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